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Eramus Public Speaking Academy
Do you feel nervous when speaking in front of a larger group?
Master the basic tools, tactics and mindset for conquering the stage.
Join the +100 students trained at
Erasmus Public Speaking Academy
Erasmus Public Speaking Academy is a free 8-week training program that focuses on the development of public speaking confidence through practice, feedback and skill training. All this is done in a safe small-group environment.


Become more confident in your own skin

Improvise and express your thoughts with ease

Work with your body language and voice

Make a great impression on others

Master the right techniques to keep your audience engaged

Elevate your academic and professional presentations.

Statistics show that people who lack public speaking confidence make on average 10% less than their colleges who don't.

Fear of public speaking is responsible for a 15% cut in one's chances to be promoted to a management level.

The ability to speak in front of people and deliver a clear message is a crucial skill for a successful career, whether academic or otherwise. 

Erasmus Public Speaking Academy aims to solve this problem by providing you with an effective program to increase your public speaking confidence via practicing in a safe, small-group environment. 
Our past participants reported on average 37% lower fear of public speaking after completing the course.

Rapid and intensive training on the fundamentals of Public Speaking

Our 8-week course will take you from the classroom to the EURx Talks stage.

Your training consists of 7 small-group sessions conducted in a safe and supportive environment. Each week we will focus on mastering one topic: improvisation, body language, voice, structure, storytelling, audience management, etc.

Training will largely utilize active participation using creative, improvisational speaking exercises such as Power Point Karaoke or short improvisational presentations to stimulate your ability to express yourself more freely.

At every session, you will be expected to speak in front of the group at least two times and receive personal feedback from peers as well as trainers, which will help your improvement. Sessions will include small homework assignments, however, never exceeding 1 hour of preparation time.

March 23rd - March 26th, 2020

After completing  these 7 sessions, you'll be armed with extensive knowledge and experience. It will be time to prepare and face one last challenge: the honor of being one of the main speakers at our public event: EURx Talks. It's the perfect set-up for applying the skills you've developed over 7 weeks in a 5-minute TEDx style speech in front of a larger audience.


Last year’s course was completed by 42 participants, which gave average rating of satisfaction with the course 9.5.

I think the course was very well structured, we practiced and got motivated. There was feedback to improve our skills and great examples. In a safe environment everyone could practice and learn from each other as well.



I loved working on improvisation, since it helped me to get out of my head, relax and enjoy the moment. I also loved the exercises outside, mindfulness and body exercises. It made us feel like we can think out of the box, yet be who we really are.



8 weeks ago I didn't think I could learn to enjoy public speaking, but yesterday I prooved myself wrong! Thanks to the Erasmus Public Speaking Academy I got the skills and the confidence to give a TEDx-talk for a big audience.




Seven sessions are held once a week on (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) at EUR campus Woudestein, starting from the week of February 3rd till the week of March 16th.

The starting time of the group sessions is 5pm and the duration is 2,5 to 3 hoursSmall preparatory assignments will be required for some sessions.

EURx Talks will take place March 23rd to March 26th. Participation is mandatory to be eligible for the certificate of completion.



EUR student or Fresh alumni


Able to participate in 6 out of 7 sessions (first session is mandatory)


Able to attend one of the final events.


Willing to challenge your fear of public speaking


Fill in the registration form below before the deadline (Sunday, January 26th at midnight)


Our team of trainers consist of experienced public speakers and teachers. Each group will have a dedicated trainer that will lead you throughout the whole program.

Matt Hrusc       

Is a Master student of Psychology of Human Learning and Performance with 2 years of experience working in human resources. Upon a difficult journey of conquering his own fear of public speaking, Matt spent the last 6 years teaching and coaching public speaking. Up to this day, he has worked with hundreds of students either via one-to-one public speaking coaching, workshops or conferences in multiple countries. Currently he works as a trainee at Risbo, where he provides and develops didactic trainings for teaching assistants of Erasmus University.

Vlaicu Motrescu

Is a Bachelor's student in International Communication and Media, with 3 years of experience working in PR and political communication. Harboring a deep passion for both the rhetorical and persuasive techniques, he has always been fascinated by speeches and debates in the public sphere. Being an alumnus of the EPSA, he has decided to return as a trainer, in order to satisfy both his professional and personal curiosity. Vlaicu believes that communication is an integral part of everything we do, and wants his students to be the best equipped to dazzle and convince both individuals and larger audiences.

Jelmer Smits        

Has his own business in teaching presentation skills (see: His own workshops focus on comfortable habits that drastically improve everyone’s presentation performances. As a former EUR student himself (MSc Global Business & Sustainability), Jelmer would like to give current students something he dearly missed himself during his studies: valuable & accessible lessons in presentation skills.

Sonja Dietrich

Is a Bachelor student of International Psychology. She is enthusiastic about helping people to learn and overcome their fears. Before starting her studies, she taught German in different countries to adults and children alike, worked as a team leader in fundraising and gave workshops on the topic. Last year Sonja joined EPSA as a participant and is excited to return as a trainer in 2020.

Afrodita Dobreva       

Is a CEMS Master student with 2 years of international work experience in the hospitality industry. Learning & Development has always been a leitmotif in her life: during her Bachelor's study in The Hague she worked as a student tutor, and during her subsequent employment in Dubai she looked after the training of an 80-member team of 15 different nationalities. Since her arrival in Rotterdam, Afrodita has been a member of Toastmasters International - an educational organisation that promotes communication and public speaking skills.

Bianca Banica       

Is a IBA bachelor student. She has been in love with public speaking since high school where her passion for empowering people and seeing them reach the best version of themselves ignited. Ever since, she has taken every opportunity she had to help people develop in some way, be it personal or professional. Bianca teaches the Professional Development course at EUR, helping students develop their soft skills. She cannot wait to help our new students get over their fear of public speaking in a fun and enjoyable way and make public speaking one of their hobbies.


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