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Do you feel nervous when speaking in front of a larger group? Master the basic tools, tactics and mindset for conquering the stage.

Fear of public speaking is responsible for a 15% cut in one's chances to be promoted to a management level. The ability to speak in front of people and deliver a clear message is a crucial skill for a successful career, whether academic or otherwise.

Erasmus Public Speaking Academy

EURx Talks


Mondays to Fridays

Let's cover the basics

Our most popular course! Previously named Erasmus Public Speaking Academy, this 6-week course will give you the basic tools to feel confident when presenting and overcome stage fright.

You will learn how to speak confidently without preparation, non-verbal communication, voice and audience management and how to create a memorable speech. Your last challenge will be conquering the EURx Talks stage.

This course is ideal for people with zero to limited experience with public speaking (and no, presenting in front of your peers on your tutorials doesn't count).
Advanced Public Speaking


Wednesdays, 17h00

Now, let's take a step further

If you already feel confortable and have experience in public speaking, this 6-week course will  take your skills to the next level with more advanced techniques.

You will learn about rhetoric and speech writing, style and speaking on camera, impacting the audience, educational public speaking and, finally, you will get to host EURx Talks. 

We recommend this course for people that have taken our Public Speaking Fundamentals course, or that have several hours of public speaking experience.
Public Speaking and Media


Mondays, 17h30

Let's talk media

Content creation and media keep changing and are one of the things we consume the most. In 6-weeks  you'll get introduced to the world of media content from a public speaking perspective. 

You will learn about rhetoric and script writing, media speech analysis and questions, how to speak on camera, how to prepare and record your own podcast, and the world of social media videos.

We recommend this course for people that have either taken our Public Speaking Fundamentals course or have previous experience with public speaking, as well as an interest in the world of media.
Students trained


with a 89% course satisfaction rate

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