Break open your mind and learn how to think differently and quickly on the spot.

This 6-week training program will be held on January 2021. Sign up now, reserve your spot and be the first to receive the available time-slots.

Boost your creative problem solving skills in 6 weeks.

Ever wanted to solve problems more creatively?

The answer is learning how to think more divergently. Creative problem solving is not just brainstorming, although that's what many people associate it with.

This course deals directly with your ability for creativity, a critical skill that will come handy in any field. 


Creative Problem Solving is a free 6-week training program with the ultimate goal to give you the tools to evaluate real life problems and know which type of creativity to apply. The course has been designed by combining models of creativity together with models of problem solving. 
Week 1: Introduction and Group Orientation

You'll meet your instructor, understand the objectives of the course and get to know your fellow students.

Week 2: Mini-C

In this session, you will understand inherent creativity, how to apply creativity in personal circumstances and analyze your everyday creativity.

Week 3: Little C, Part 1

Understand different types of problems, how to solve simple and complicated problems.

Week 4: Little C, Part 2

Solve complex problems by reflecting on and adapting your creative ideas.

Week 5: Little C, Part 3

In this session, you will learn how to solve chaotic problems, to utilize rapid idea generation and crack an in-class chaotic problem.

Week 6: Pro & Big C

Time to understand creativity in a professional setting,  discuss world-changing creativity and reflect on the learning process throughout the course. 


Be the first to experience the benefits of a divergent way of thinking.


Thelonious Schairer-Penny       

is a Bachelor student of Psychology with many years of experience teaching others how to utilize their creativity. His approach to instructing others can best be described as practical in nature. He is the current Head of Workshops of the international student theatre association WILDe and the creator of the LifeImprovisation course at LifeVersity. His goal for this course is to help others understand what creativity is and how to use the creativity that exists inherently in all of us when trying to solve problems.


Get a certificate

Upon completion of the course and successful delivery of the final speech or final assignment, you will receive a digital certificate.


The course

EUR's education policy during term 1 and term 2 is blended education. We are happy to have the opportunity to host these trainings on campus on an offline setting. These sessions will last on average 1.5h to 2h and will follow the COVID-19 regulations.

EUR has a policy for blended education during term 1 and 2. While some of our courses will have offline and online version, Creative Problem Solving will take place on campus Woudestein.

Yes, you will get our beautiful Creative Problem Solving certificate in PDF format as long as you attend your classes and you deliver your final assignment.

Conditions to apply

You can sign up for any of our courses from August 31st to September 11st. You just need to fill up the form. We will contact you to confirm your participation in the course. Spots are limited therefore election will be made based on motivation.

Creative Problem Solving is open for EUR/EUC students, fresh EUR alumni and Hogeschool Rotterdam students. All faculties are welcomed.


No. The whole LifeVersity project is possible thanks to the support of Community for Learning and Innovation and Students-4-Students. All of our courses are completely FREE for students and fresh alumni.

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