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Class will be held at EUR campus Woudestein and will start on the week of May 9th, see time slots in the form below.
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Advocacy is where it all starts

Are you an engaged member in your community? Or are you eager to make a positive change but have no idea where to start?

Either way,  this course is for you! In this 6-week course you will get a holistic picture of how to advocate for a cause and create a step-by-step strategic advocacy campaign. Finally, you will get 50 euros of funding to turn your campaign into reality. We will help you stand up for what you care about.

Full course details

Week 1: Goal Setting & Advocacy Strategy Development

During the first week, you will meet your trainers and each other to establish a comfortable group. Other than that you will have the opportunity to kickstart your campaign on a topic you feel passionate about. You will explore the basics of goal setting and strategy development. 

Week 2: Accessing Truth

After deciding on your cause and your goals, during the second week, you will experience critically analyzing news sources and create a well-established fact sheet for your cause. How do you know if something is true? We will explore this by evaluating media sources and accessing truth despite misinformation. After all, knowledge is power.

Week 3: Marketing & Pitching

During the third week, you will be exploring more about your cause, your own project, your target group of supporters, and how to connect with them. You will also practice pitching your cause and project to the different groups of supporters you want to attract.

Week 4: Persuasive Communication & Negotiating

After promoting your cause, it's time to convince those who still have doubts. As an advocate, you will constantly be confronted with points of difference. This week, you will learn how to master the arts of persuasive communication and negotiation to come to an agreement.

Week 5: Community Building for Advocacy (Guest Speaker)

It is one thing to learn fundamental theories, but it is another to listen to real experiences of successful advocates of change. Therefore this week, you will have the chance to meet one great example from the Netherlands.

Week 6: Build your own campaign

In the final week, we will make your passion project ready for execution. Next to presenting your campaign to your fellow group members, you will implement the skills learnt to make an impactful change now!

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Be more than just words, take action

From environmental crises across the world to human rights violations, there are many issues that require action. For action to take place, the world needs attention and strategy around a problem, and advocacy is exactly how this happens.


Berfu Ege Söbe        

Berfu is the Chairperson at Erasmus Sustainability Hub and a student in Management of International Social Challenges. 

Jan Biengun       

Jan is the Finance & Community Manager at Erasmus Sustainability Hub and a 3rd-year student in IBEB. 

Riti Agarwal        

Riti is the Chair at Amnesty International Student Group Rotterdam and a 3rd year student in Management of International Social Challenges. 

Malina Wiethaus       

Malina is the Events Manager at Amnesty International Student Group Rotterdam and a 2nd year student in Management of International Social Challenges.

What you need to know


Participation in the course is free, however full participation will be required once you signed up and you are selected. (First session is mandatory).


You will see your trainer once a week, for 6 weeks. Besides the coaching session there is preparatory material that you will need to cover before hand.


We know that life happens. As long as you do not miss more than one training session and you deliver the final assignment, you will get one.


Small parts of some sessions might be recorded, or screenshots of the zoom calls might be taken for communication, education and/or marketing purposes.


*Applications work on a first-come, first-serve basis; however, time slots will only open if a minimum of 8 students enroll.


You can know more on how we manage your data on our policy page.

Sadly our first cohort is full! We will be back with another masterclass in September!

If you are interested in the course, leave your email below and we will contact you next academic year with more info!

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