Learn how to manage your finances and start investing!

Class will be held at EUR campus Woudestein and will start on May 18th, see schedule in the form below.
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Personal Finance is at the center of all your activities

Are you feeling stressed about managing your expenses? Would you like to learn how to grow your assets and start investing?

Whether it is planning a vacation, buying groceries or planning to move cities for a new job offer, money is always a factor that we need to consider. If you know how to manage your money well, this can give you a lot of freedom with the choices that you make. For example, treating yourself to more expensive dinners with your friends or planning a big vacation because you were able to stash more money away in your savings. 
In this personal finance masterclass, you will further explore how to manage your budget, how your income and expenses change over the different phases of your life and how you can start investing to prepare you for a comfortable future.

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Session 1: Money Myths & Budgeting

In this session, we will tackle some of the most common money myths to get you started thinking differently about money and how you can use it as a tool. We will also tackle the topic of Budgeting, and we will help you understand what are the biggest sources of expenses and how to get a grip on them. 

Session 2: Your net worth over time

As a student, you very likely have a low level of income, since you are spending all your time in your studies rather than devoting all your time to a job. But how do your cash flows evolve once you get a job, and once you are 10 years further in your career? In this session, we will explain how your financial situation changes with your age, and how as a student you can start setting the basis for a successful financial position.

Session 3: Investing

After the previous two sessions, you now understand how to take care of your expenses and how your financial position will change over time. A key activity that can dramatically improve your financial situation for your future is investing. This might mean the difference between you retiring in the Canary Islands vs. having to work until you're 70. In this session, we explain the importance of Investing, and how you can get started as a student!

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Kevin Boekholt       Katelijne

Kevin is currently the Education & Career Commissioner at B&R Beurs, the Investing Society at Erasmus University. He is currently studying his master's in Quantitative Finance, and is passionate about Investing and the financial markets.

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Participation in the course is free, however full participation will be required once you signed up and you are selected. 


You will see your trainer once a week, for 3 weeks. Besides the coaching session there is preparatory material that you will need to cover before hand.


As long as you do not miss any session and you deliver the final assignment, you will get a certificate and a Linkedin badge!


Small parts of some sessions might be recorded, or screenshots of the zoom calls might be taken for communication, education and/or marketing purposes.


Trainings are subject to change in format (online/offline) to adhere with the measures taken by the Dutch government and Erasmus University Rotterdam.


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