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This 6-week training program will be held once a week, fully online.

Starting on the week of November 2nd:

Online Zoom sessions will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, at 17h00.

You can choose your preferred time-slot on our sign up form.

We believe that in order to become a better leader, you need to learn how to lead yourself first.

What makes a good leader? How to be one? And what does it mean to be a leader n the first place?

There are no simple answers to these questions. But one thing is sure: in times of current crisis, right leaders are needed more than ever. In this course, we will guide you to get closer to answering them by assisting you to build self-awareness, communication, and team management skillset. All this for an ultimate goal to make you a proactive and effective leader of your personal life and your current or future teams.


Erasmus Leadership Academy Online is a free 6-week training program, created in collaboration with AIESEC and Extraordinary Life, with the ultimate goal to make you a proactive and effective leader of your personal life, your current or future teams, and be able to deal with challenging situations. We will guide you to get closer to answering the above questions by assisting you to build self-awareness, communication, and team management skillset.
Week 1: Self-discovery & Management

You will meet your instructor and establish a comfortable group. You will reflect on own strengths, weaknesses, values and awareness of life goals.

Week 2: Feedback & Communication

In this session, you will learn how to improve your communication by applying feedback strategies such as the BIO method to give and receive feedback. 

Week 3: Assertiveness & Confidence

One of the best ways to deal with difficult interpersonal situations is to apply the theory of assertive communication.

Week 4: Negotiation & Persuasion

Negotiation is all about preparation. You will learn how to reach adequate outcomes (win-win approach) and how to prepare a persuasive speech for an idea or product.

Week 5: Team Management

A leader is nothing without a team. In this session, you will learn about the different types of team players and how to manage, delegate, bond and stay effective. 

Week 6: Crisis Management & Final Report

Challenging and unpredictable situations need proactive and solution-oriented leaders. Your last challenge: self-reflection and a setting up a concrete action plan.


This course is most optimal for students that are currently in a leadership position. Whether it is leading a small project team within student association, start-up, initiative, or aspiring future leader, this course will empower you to be an organized, inspiring and effective leader.


Sessions will be led by a team of experienced trainers. On each session, you can expect at least two of them facilitating the exercises, discussions, and sharing their experiences.

Niek van Disseldorp       

Niek has a passion for self-development and public speaking. In 2019, he set up the EL Association to bring a new message to university students. This message is radically honest, entails stepping outside the comfort zone and creates a sense of belonging. After an amazing board year with the team, he’s stepping out the comfort zone on his exchange in Switzerland. Here he continues another board year at ACIT. Niek is characterised by going against the grain, care for improvement and discipline. Niek is back this year to lead our online Leadership Academy.

Sofie van de Ven       

Sofie is a bachelor in International Business. Her experience with public speaking and leadership started with AIESEC Netherlands where she went from facilitator to Local Committee President. She went to the international Train the Trainers were she learnt how to train and educate others as well as giving engaging presentations. Sophie has experience training people in different student associations, universities and companies. She's back with us this year after two successful rounds teaching the course.

Albandari Alotaibi       

Albandari is currently pursuing a bachelor in international psychology, her experience with leadership started when she joined the student association Extraordinary Life and found her way from an active member to a board member who hosts interactive bookclub sessions. Albandari's biggest passion is self discovery/awareness, she hopes by investing more into self awareness she can also help others get closer to understanding themselves.

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"During autumn 2019 I attended the 8-week Leadership Academy. The course content, very interesting and comprehensive, coupled with its structure, oriented towards group interaction, resulted in a great learning experience. I would totally recommend the leadership academy because it gave me the opportunity to learn useful theories and concepts in a fun and practical way."

Niccolò Ghiggia

MSc Human Resource Management


Get a certificate

Upon completion of the course and successful delivery of the final speech or final assignment, you will receive a digital certificate.

Try the online version

Not in Rotterdam during term 1? Do you prefer to avoid campus due to COVID-19? You can follow our course fully online.


The course

EUR's education policy during term 1 and 2 is blended education. Therefore, our classes will have both access to the online environment on CANVAS and will be paired with either live sessions on campus for our live classes or video-call sessions for our online program. These sessions will last on average 1.5h to 2h.

No. Before every session you will get the preparation materials: from videos to watch and assignments to our online modules recorded by Niek and Sofie.

Yes, you will get our beautiful ELA certificate in PDF format. For the online course, you need to attend the 6 weeks of training and complete the final assignment. For the offline course, you need to attend at least 5 of the 6 training sessions, and complete the final assignment.

Our offline and online course both last now 6 weeks. The online course consist of online resources and materials on CANVAS (video lessons recorded by our trainers, assignments), 5 group video-call sessions.

Conditions to apply

You can sign up for any of our courses from August 31st to September 11st. You just need to fill up the form. We will contact you to confirm your participation in the course. Spots are limited therefore election will be made based on motivation.

Erasmus Leadership Academy is open for EUR students, fresh EUR alumni and Hogeschool Rotterdam students. For our online course, students will need access to the CANVAS environment, therefore only students with a valid ERNA ID can apply for the online version.


No. The whole LifeVersity project is possible thanks to the support of Community for Learning and Innovation and Students-4-Students. All of our courses are completely FREE for students and fresh alumni.

We are supported by the Students-for-Students Platform, part of the Community of Learning and Innovation. Want to get support too? Visit