Let the games begin! Introducing Skill Master.

Get ready for an evening filled with exciting challenges and loads of fun. Spots are limited and yes, there will be prices for the winners! This is a perfect opportunity to connect with other #personaldevelopment enthusiasts, develop your skills in a fun way and to meet other members of the #SkillSquad.🤩 
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Keep an eye on our other events!

Come and support your fellow students in their final events, or get a sneak peak of how LifeVersity courses work. Food and drinks are on the house!

EURx Talks: Ideas that you might not have heard before

Come a support the participants from the Erasmus Public Speaking Academy in their final assignments: 5-minute presentations, 10-minute speeches or 2-min pitches.

Dec 12th, 5pm, Mandeville T3-21
Dec 13th, 5pm, Mandeville T3-20
Dec 15th, 5pm, Mandeville T3-21

ShEURk Tank: The marketing pitch

Do you like marketing, new products or new business ideas? Welcome to our on version of Shark Tank, where the participants from the Marketing Crash Course present their marketing campaigns for unusual topics and products!

Dec 12th, 4pm, Mandeville T3-20
Dec 15th, 4pm, Mandeville T3-20

Improv Time: The final performance

Are you ready to say "Yes... and?". Come and support the participants from Improvisational Speaking in their final improv performance while they put all their creativity to the test to tell you fun and interactive stories.

Dec 15th, 4pm, Mandeville T3-25

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