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Eramus Public Speaking Academy
Dive into the world of improv theater while working on your communication and creativity skills.
Join the +100 students
trained at LifeVersity
LifeImprovisation is an 8-week beginners course to improv theater developed by Wilde Theatre. It is a perfect introduction for anyone who wants to learn more about improv theater and acting.

Understand basic principles of improvisation and how it translates to everyday life

Express yourself more effectively both verbally and non-verbally

Deal with unexpected situations confidently and efficiently

Perform various improvisation exercises


Improv is great way how to boost your communication skills, creative thinking, and fight stage fright. Needless to say you’ll meet great people and will have a lot o fun.


Group orientation

Get to know other group members and be able and comfortable to take part in group exercises effectively

Stage Fright

Find the confidence to step out of a group and utilize techniques that make your acting in front of others easier.

Body Language

Learn how body language affects others and how to use body language effectively to express yourself.

Vocal Expression

Learn how to regulate the voice and apply warm-up exercises to utilize day-to-day before using their voice.

Short form improvisation

Learn how to be spontaneous and creative on the spot and find your own style of association that can be used in short form improvisation.


You will learn how to react to others action and input and understand the basics of one-on-one acting .

Long form improvisation

Understand the basics and be able to perform simple version of long form improvisation. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to get to grips with a character.

Improvisation in various contexts

Learn how to regulate the voice and apply warm-up exercises to utilize day-to-day before using their voice.


The eight sessions are held once a week on Wednesdays at 5pm at EUR campus Woudestein, starting from the week of February 3rd till the week of March 23rd.

The duration of each session is 2,5 to 3 hours

On the last week, a final improvisation performance will be conducted where you'll apply all the knowledge and skills from previous sessions.



Student or Fresh alumni


Able to participate in 6 out of 8 sessions (first session is mandatory)


Little to no experience with improv.


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Thelonious Schairer-Penny       

Is a Bachelor student of Psychology with 7 years of experience in acting and directing. He is the current Head of Workshops of the international student theatre association WILDe and regularly leads workshops for them. Over the past few years he has taught improvisation to various age groups and is keen on helping others overcome their fears and push their boundaries.

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