Career Design and Development will be back in September 2021! 

Our last cohort of the academic year is over, but don't be sad, we are coming back in September 2021 to start the new academic year 2021-2022 to help you design your future!

 Let's start designing your future!

Our Career Design and Development program will give you the right tools to build the career that you have always wanted: a fulfilling one. Learn to analyze your past and present experiences to draw connections and identify patterns, create realistic designs and develop confidence and ease in making life decisions.
Week 1: Introduction and self-discovery

You'll meet your instructor and establish a comfortable group. You will understand the principles of design thinking and the difference between gravity and design problems.

Week 2: True North

In this session, you will learn how to formulate personal work and life views, examine synergies and clashes to draw connection between them and develop your personal "compass".

Week 3: Wayfinding

Learning the right techniques to identify and analyze patterns is essential. You will learn how to perform "good time" journaling and how to apply AEIOU to journal logs related to past and present events.

Week 4: Game Plans

Time to develop your own career plan. 

Week 5: Prototyping

Prototyping is a crucial step in design thinking: you will learn what it is, why it is used and how to apply it to your personal game plans.

Week 6: Taking off

It's important that you understand how job descriptions work. You'll learn technique to co-create your dream career.


Learn design thinking principles applied to your professional life.

What do you want to be when you grown up? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Through a number of reframing exercises and activities like journaling, prototyping and mind mapping, the participants let go of limiting beliefs and embrace a designer-like creative mindset where career co-creation is not only made possible but also made fun!


Matt Hrusc       

Is a founder and project manager of LifeVersity and multiple courses that are hosted here. Matt has 2 y of working experience in human resources, dealing with everything from hiring, administration, to the training of employees. Matt has a master’s degree in psychology of Human Learning and Performance and he currently works as an educational consultant and trainer at Risbo, where he provides and develops didactic trainings for teachers of Erasmus University.


Be the first to experience the benefits of applying design thinking to your career plan.


The course

These sessions will last on average 2h.

EUR has a policy for blended education during term 1 and 2. While some of our courses will have offline and online version, Career Design and Development will take place on campus Woudestein.

Yes, you will get our beautiful Career Design and Development certificate in PDF format.

Conditions to apply

You can sign up for any of our courses from August 31st to September 11st. You just need to fill up the form. We will contact you to confirm your participation in the course. Selection will be done based on motivation.

Career Design and Development is open to EUR students, fresh EUR alumni and Hogeschool Rotterdam students.


No. The whole LifeVersity project is possible thanks to the support of Community for Learning and Innovation and Students-4-Students. All of our courses are completely FREE for students and fresh alumni.

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