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Class will be held at EUR campus Woudestein and will start on November 10th at 16h00.

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How to be a better communicator?

Effective communication is a skill that can have a major impact not only on your professional life but also on your personal one. Often you might need to stand up for yourself, speak up your mind, or navigate a complex potentially conflicting situation. 

But what if you could clearly express your thoughts, needs, and desires? What if you could better understand and influence others without being seen as pushy or arrogant?  This course provides you with a perfect set of tools and methodologies to become a more assertive and ultimately effective communicator. 

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This 6-week course will help you to increase your confidence in your interpersonal communication skills. This course is ideal for people who would like to improve their communication assertiveness, get a grasp of challenging or conflicting situations, and get their message across in one-on-one or group communication.

Week 1: Why to Communicate Effectively & Assertively

During the introduction session, you'll meet your instructor and establish a comfortable group. You will experience the first exercises focusing on assertive communication and explore why and how to improve your communication skills.

Week 2: Assertive & Non-verbal Communication

In this session, you will learn how your body language or tone of your voice can impact how assertive you come across. Through a series of exercises and roleplay, you will practice assertive communication as well as receive feedback from your peers and trainer.

Week 3: Getting your message across

When talking about getting your message across most people think about how to express your idea clearly but that’s only half of the equation. In this lesson, you will also learn techniques of active listening to ensure your message was not only well formulated but also well received.

Week 4: Non-Violent Communication I

This session explores Non-Violent communication (NVC), a communication approach developed by clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg that can help to prevent conflict and miscommunication. It will help you to clearly and assertively express your observations, feelings, needs, and requests, which are also 4 key components of NVC.

Week 5: Non-Violent Communication II

In this session, you will further practice applying principles of Non-Violent communication and lessons learned in a course so far to roleplay scenarios such as providing feedback or approaching potential conflict.

Week 6: Group Dynamics and Team Communication

In the last lesson, we will have a look at how communication happens when more individuals are involved. You will learn about the principles of group dynamics, and how to effectively communicate in a team.

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Students' Testimonials

Afraid of confrontation?

We communicate a lot of things throughout our lives, however each person has their own motivations, expectations and interpretations of communication. If you aim to become a better communicator, this course is for you.

Thanks to the Interpersonal Communication course I feel way more comfortable walking up to people I don't know to strike up a conversation. Our instructor Ayan was very knowledgeable, provided theory and did helpful exercises with the class. I can recommend taking this course - you'll feel confident in your communication afterwards!

Chelsea Pachito

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Thursdays at 16h00

Cameron is a Clinical Psychology Master's student. His fascination with the mind has led him to delve into the world of psychology and self-development. He is committed to using that knowledge to learn and teach what it means to live a well-balanced and purpose-driven life. As both a critical thinker and a pragmatist, he interweaves evidence-based knowledge with practically implementable tools. Furthermore, he is passionate about building meaningful connections and expanding the horizons of our comfort zones.


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Sadly this cohort is full! We will be back in January 2023!

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