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Build and maintain your professional and personal network!

Class will be held at EUR campus Woudestein and will start on May 5th at 16h00.

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Are you tired of feeling like a stranger in networking events or job interviews?

Networking is the secret weapon of successful professionals! Did you know that a staggering 85% of all jobs are filled through networking? 🤯 That's right, having a strong personal network can make all the difference in finding the right opportunity for you! 

But building and maintaining relationships takes more than just collecting business cards. You need to craft your unique personal brand, reach out to the right people and make a lasting impression. 

Here's the Masterclass Roadmap

In this 3-week masterclass you will create a personal networking action plan, lead an effective networking conversation, maintain and utilise your network, develop a strong personal brand. Get ready to expand your professional network and make valuable connections!

Week 1: You and Networking

In this introductory class, you will explore how networking can be beneficial for you and analyze your current strengths and weaknesses when it comes to networking and develop an action plan of what and how you want to improve. Furthermore, you will learn about different networking opportunities in Rotterdam, and you will be asked to attend one of them in between the masterclasses

Week 2: Networking Conversations

We all struggle with starting or joining the conversation or transitioning from seemingly endless small talk to productive conversation. In this session, you will practice initiating, maintaining, and closing networking conversations. Additionally, you will develop a short personal pitch, so you know how to effectively answer the questions like “what do you do?”.

Week 3: Personal Brand and Network

How can you utilize and maintain your current network? In this session, you will learn how to create and communicate a personal brand on social media via interaction and content creation. Moreover, you will explore how to utilize networking skills to create and maintain connections for the future. 

This course is valued at €350 but you can get it for free.

You just have to pay a €20 deposit fee to secure your spot that you get back once you finish the course😉.

Warning: Only 8 spots available left.

+25 students trained with an 88% course satisfaction rate

Important Information

Erasmus University Rotterdam students and recent alumni can enjoy the Networking & Personal Branding masterclass for free, thanks to the support of the Community for Learning and Innovation at Erasmus University Rotterdam. To secure your spot, a small deposit fee of 20€ is required during registration. Learn more about it here.

Save money

Get 100% free access with a commitment boost! A small deposit of 20€ secures your spot and is refunded upon successful completion.

Commit to success

Devote 4 hours a week, including 1 hour for prep and 2.5 hours for training, to complete the course and achieve success.

Earn recognition

Showcasing your new skills to future employers with a badge in EduBadges, the official extracurricular certification platform from EUR.

Meet your trainer


Fridays at 16h00

Dheeraj (known to loved ones as DJ) will chat with you for hours about marketing. Having graduated from International Business Administration with a minor in Neuroeconomics, his approach blends strategy, marketing, and design to zone in on a win-win situation for the businesses he works with, and their customers. Dheeraj currently is a freelance website developer and marketing strategist, as well as the co-founder of the CreatEURs Guild. Previously, he has been a member of the marketing committees of both ECE Students and Extraordinary Life.


Small parts of some sessions might be recorded, or screenshots of the zoom calls might be taken for communication, education and/or marketing purposes.


*Applications work on a first-come, first-serve basis; however, time slots will only open if a minimum of 8 students enroll.


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