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A strategic playbook for becoming a persuasive negotiator!

This 6-week course will be held ONLINE and will start on Wednesday, April 17th at 18h00.

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Are you ready to level up your negotiation game? 🤝 

Did you know that a single negotiation can make a big impact on your career? According to the Harvard Business Review, "a mere 5% improvement in your negotiation skills can result in an increase of profits ranging from 25% to 85%"! 

But it's not just about the money. Being able to effectively negotiate also helps you build relationships, resolve conflicts, and achieve your goals in both your personal and professional life. 💪 With the right training, you can learn how to understand different perspectives, manage emotions, and become a master negotiator.

Here is what you will cover in this course

This 6-week course will utilize negotiation roleplays, to help you apply learned theory and make you more skilled and confident in a negotiation situation. To make the sessions as practical as possible you will have a short preparation homework (book chapter and videos). 

Week 1: Introduction

You will meet your instructor and classmates. We will explore the role of negotiations in day-to-day life and your future careers. You will set your personal goals for these classes. You will be introduced to the book that we will read during this course: 'Never split the difference' by Chris Voss.

Week 2: Conventional Negotiation Approaches

We discuss and implement the conventional negotiation techniques, mostly developed during the 80s and 90s at leading business schools.  During exercises, we explore the power and guidance of rationality. This will set the foundation for elaboration in the weeks to follow.

Week 3: Human Perspective in Negotiations

After starting with a case study and exercise, we explore the other facets that drive human behaviour in day-to-day life, specifically in negotiation. You will learn to shift your attention from yourself to the other party.

Week 4: Emotions During Negotiations

In this class, we explore what impact emotions have on negotiations. More specifically, we look at the feeling of being in control, one of the key drivers of people's behaviour. 

Week 5: Communication Techniques

We will explore various tools that will help you have more effective conversations, allowing you to gather information and make the other party feel safe, heard and understood.

Week 6: Bring it all Together

The last class is an opportunity to put all your learnings into practice. You will make a plan on how you can make sure that you will benefit from the learnings for the rest of your life.

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+160 students trained with a 95% satisfaction rate that have transformed their negotiation skills

Important Information

Erasmus University Rotterdam students and recent alumni can enjoy the Art & Skill of Negotiation course for free, thanks to the support of the Community for Learning and Innovation at Erasmus University Rotterdam. To secure your spot, a small deposit fee of 20€ is required during registration. Learn more about it here.

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Get 100% free access with a commitment boost! A small deposit of 20€ secures your spot and is refunded upon successful completion.

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Devote 4 hours a week, including 1 hour for prep and 2.5 hours for training, to complete the course and achieve success.

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Showcasing your new skills to future employers with a badge in EduBadges, the official extracurricular certification platform from EUR.

Meet your trainer


Wednesdays 18h00

As a former EUR student himself (2016 MSc Global Business & Sustainability), Jelmer loves to give current students something he dearly missed himself during his studies: valuable & accessible communication skills. Besides his own business in public speaking & negotiation workshops since 2018 (PresentThing.nl), he has also been with LifeVersity since the very start, having trained and worked with 100+ students.


Small parts of some sessions might be recorded, or screenshots of the zoom calls might be taken for communication, education and/or marketing purposes.


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