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Class will be held at EUR campus Woudestein and will start on May 11th, see schedule in the form below.
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Today innovation is everyone's business

Did you ever feel like there is more to the problem you are trying to solve? Perhaps what you need is a mindset change. Design thinking is a methodology that enables you to observe, understand, and define a problem while also creating and designing innovative solutions.

At every level, in any place, design thinking provides the tools you need to become an innovative thinker and uncover creative opportunities that are there – you're just not seeing them yet.
In this masterclass you will: learn design thinking through practice while also exploring some successful solutions through a design thinking perspective, develop your own innovative solution, foster constant improvement and reflection.

The Masterclass Roadmap

Session 1: Discover & Define

In this session, you will learn & practice the first steps of design thinking. The first step, discovery, is what most solutions and businesses overlook! It will enable you to understand the real problem through the users' perspective! After discovery comes defining the problem which will be able to do with the findings made on the discovery process.

Session 2: Ideate & Innovate

In the second session, you will learn and practice different ideation methods and learn how to innovate solutions. You will be challenged to unleash your inner creative problem solver! This is where your own innovation journey begins.

Session 3: Prototype & test

In the last session, you will learn and practice prototyping your solution and test its goal achievement and impact. Can your solution stand on its own feet? Then congratulations, you have validated it! At the end of this session, you will have an innovative solution that proves your mastery of design thinking!

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the first cohort!


Berfu Ege Söbe       Katelijne

Berfu is a double degree student studying Management of International Social Challenges and Global Law. She is also the Chairperson of our university’s Erasmus Sustainability Hub, the center for all sustainable efforts in Rotterdam. Berfu has been working with the Design Thinking methodology for many years. In this course, Berfu will share her expertise in design thinking with you to innovate effective & creative solutions to the problems you want to work on.

What you need to know


Participation in the course is free, however full participation will be required once you signed up and you are selected. 


You will see your trainer once a week, for 3 weeks. Besides the training session there is preparatory material that you will need to cover before hand.


As long as you do not miss any session and you deliver the final assignment, you will get a certificate and a Linkedin badge!


Small parts of some sessions might be recorded, or screenshots of the zoom calls might be taken for communication, education and/or marketing purposes.


*Applications work on a first-come, first-serve basis; however, time slots will only open if a minimum of 8 students enroll.


You can know more on how we manage your data on our policy page.

Sadly our first cohort is full! We will be back with another masterclass in September!

If you are interested in the course, leave your email below and we will contact you next academic year with more info!

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