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Design thinking applied to your professional life!

Class will online through Zoom and will start on May 2nd at 18h30.

💡 Ready to design the life of your dreams? 

Did you know that design thinking can help you prototype your future, stay a step ahead, and give you the flexibility to switch paths? By learning how to design your career, you'll have the tools you need to create a more meaningful, less stressful, and ultimately more successful life.

According to Forbes, 92% of employees who have control over their career paths are more satisfied with their job. Are you ready to join the 92%?

Here's what you will cover in this course

 This 6-week course you will give you the right tools to build the career that you have always wanted: a fulfilling one. Through activities like journaling, prototyping and mind mapping, you will let go of limiting beliefs and embrace a designer-like creative mindset where career co-creation is not only made possible but also made fun!

Week 1: Introduction and self-discovery

You will be confronted with common limiting beliefs such as “I need to find that ONE BIG passion of mine” or “I should have figured it all out by now”. You will understand why such beliefs are dysfunctional and how to apply design thinking principles and tools to combat them.

Week 2: True North

In this session you will formulate your personal True North statement: an invaluable compass that will guide your quest of finding a meaningful and fulfilling career.

Week 3: Game Plans

In this session you will unleash your creative power and develop several realistic life scenarios for yourself, called game plans. You will discuss them in the group and assess them based on several key parameters such as alignment with your True North statement.

Week 4: Prototyping

In this session you will “test drive” your game plans. Through performing low-risk prototyping activities you will understand whether your life scenarios can actually withstand reality.  

Week 5: Job finding

You will understand how the recruitment process traditionally works. You will also learn useful tips and tricks that will help you navigate it better. Lastly, you will learn how to access a “hidden” but abundant job market using the power of networking.

Week 6: Taking off

In this session you will present and discuss your career plan with the group and receive valuable feedback. This is usually the most emotional moment from the course as you will realize how far you have come in just a few weeks!

This course is valued at €350 but you can get it for free.

You just have to pay a €20 deposit fee to secure your spot that you get back once you finish the course😉.

Warning: We only have 8 spots available left.

+25 students trained with a 87% course satisfaction rate

Students' Testimonials

The Career Design and Development course was a worthwhile experience. Taking part in the course has been revealing and it has helped in my career design process. I really enjoyed the interactions, exercises, and the fact that we received feedback to assist us in the right direction. It was a great learning opportunity.


Career Design and Development was more than a course. It turned out that we immensely improved ourselves both spiritually and mentally to have a fulfilling career path in only 6 weeks. Thanks to our trainer and my classmates, I enjoyed every second of our class which has a supportive and peaceful atmosphere. Hence, I gladly recommend this course which can be rarely found.


If you would like a holistic and well-structured approach to career development, this is the course for you. In 6 weeks I really went from internal exploration to taking action steps in the work field. Combined with supportive guidance and interesting material, I would highly recommend this course.


Important Information

Erasmus University Rotterdam students and recent alumni can enjoy the Career Design & Development online course for free, thanks to the support of the Community for Learning and Innovation at Erasmus University Rotterdam. To secure your spot, a small deposit fee of 20€ is required during registration. Learn more about it here.

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Get 100% free access with a commitment boost! A small deposit of 20€ secures your spot and is refunded upon successful completion.

Commit to success

Devote 4 hours a week, including 1 hour for prep and 2.5 hours for training, to complete the course and achieve success.

Earn recognition

Complete the course and receive a EUR certified EduBadge and certificate showcasing your new skills to future employers.

Meet the trainers


Tuesdays at 18h30

Afrodita is a CEMS Master graduate with over 3 years of international work experience in the hospitality industry. Learning & Development has always been a leitmotif in her life: during her Bachelor's study in The Hague she worked as a student tutor, and during her subsequent employment in Dubai she looked after the training of an 80-member team of 15 different nationalities. Since her arrival in Rotterdam, Afrodita has been a member of Toastmasters International - an educational organisation that promotes communication and public speaking skills.


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