Advanced Public Speaking will be back in September 2021!

Our last cohort of the academic year is over, but don't be sad, we are coming back in September 2021 to start the new academic year 2021-2022 ready to present!

Take your public speaking skills to the next level!

Our Advanced Public Speaking program focuses on students that already feel comfortable speaking and presenting in front of the public and are ready to explore more advanced techniques related to style, rhetoric, different speaking settings and more.
Week 1: Welcome Advanced Public Speaking

You'll meet your instructor, establish a comfortable group, goals and rules. We will refresh the BIO feedback method and record your first speech.

Week 2: Rhetoric and speech writing

In this session, we will go back to ethos, logos and pathos, and add kairos to the mix. We will also explore why research is important for your speech preparation.

Week 3: Style and Speaking on Camera

Structuring your speech is crucial, especially when speaking on camera. In this session we will prepare the script that you will record on the lab with a teleprompter.

Week 4: Impacting the Audience

To be able to impact the audience, you need to be aware of response traps, know how to inspire / motivate your audience, and how to be persuasive.

Week 5: Educational Public Speaking

We will explore techniques to achieve different goals and help different audiences remember our presentation: the load and type of explanations are essential to get the message across.

Week 6: Hosting EURx Talks

It will be time to prepare and face one last challenge: time to host your own event.


Who is this course for?

The ability to speak in front of people and deliver a clear message is a crucial skill for a successful career, whether academic or otherwise.

Our first cohort was completed by 4 participants, who gave an average rating of 9.3 overall course satisfaction.

The exercises we were not just well structured and effective, but fun. Wait till you get to do a power-point karaoke or record your speech in front of a teleprompter like a professional TV host and you’ll get what I mean. I used to like public speaking before the course, but now I love it.




Rapid and intensive training on advanced techniques.

Taking your public speaking skills to the next level is possible and we are here to give you the tools. From an educational presentation in front of your classmates, to a work meeting or an elevator pitch; mastering advanced techniques of public speaking will be a useful skill for the future. Future-oriented education puts emphasis in communication, so why not fine tuning the skill now?


Matt Hrusc       

Is a Master student of Psychology of Human Learning and Performance with 2 years of experience working in human resources. Upon a difficult journey of conquering his own fear of public speaking, Matt spent the last 6 years teaching and coaching public speaking. Up to this day, he has worked with hundreds of students either via one-to-one public speaking coaching, workshops or conferences in multiple countries. Currently he works as a trainee at Risbo, where he provides and develops didactic trainings for teaching assistants of Erasmus University.

Students trained


with a 93% satisfaction rate


The course

The trainings consist of 1 weekly session on Campus Woudestein that will last on average 2h. Time to prepare small assignments before class will be needed.

EUR has a policy for blended education during term 1 and 2. While some of our courses will have offline and online version, Advanced Public Speaking will take place on campus Woudestein.

Yes, you will get our beautiful APS certificate in PDF format as long as you attend at least 5 of the 6 training sessions, and complete the final assignment.

Erasmus Public Speaking Academy (EPSA) is our beginners couse, designed to help people to beat their fear of public speaking. If you are an experienced public speaker or already feel comfortable taking the stage, Advanced Public Speaking (APS) might be the place for you.

Advanced Public Speaking (APS) is a course designed to teach you advanced public speaking techniques diverse situations such as taking the stage, an elevator pitch, or an educational presentation. Public Speaking and Media dives into content creation for online platforms such as creating videos and podcasts.

Conditions to apply

You can sign up for any of our courses from August 31st to September 11st. You just need to fill up the form. We will contact you to confirm your participation in the course. Spots are limited therefore election will be made based on motivation.

Since the course will take place on campus, it is open to EUR students, fresh EUR alumni and Hogeschool Rotterdam students.


No. The whole LifeVersity project is possible thanks to the support of Community for Learning and Innovation and Students-4-Students. All of our courses are completely FREE for students and fresh alumni.

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